With so many different Body Composition Measurement options and devices on the market, people often find themselves asking what product to trust. We sat down with InBody Body Composition Analysers Director Greg Tottman to find out why he decided to bring InBody to Australia and New Zealand. “When I launched Human Performance Centre as a Registered Training Organisation, I was concerned that we didn’t have a reliable method to validate that what we were teaching was working.

We live by two mottos – “If you’re not assessing, you’re simply guessing” and “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

A major concern I had was that HPC and every other Registered Training Organisation were providing these training methods to our students but we needed a way to prove that the methods we use DO work.

At the time, I was working with Tennis Australia where I was lucky enough to work over in the United States at the US Tennis Open. Through this, I was introduced to the InBody technology.

I had previously heard about Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and was skeptical about it’s ability to precisely measure body composition. You may be interested to check out a previous article:  “WHY TRADITIONAL BIA IS FLAWED”

I was amazed at how precise the InBody device was – it was explained in great detail by top level coaches just how unique InBody’s patented technology was and it was easy to see why they didn’t use anything else. When I looked at who was using the InBody technology, I was convinced it had to be the best. World class athlete, Michael Johnson has InBody devices in his Performance Centre; NASA has InBody devices; National Defence Force agencies and Medical Institutions were using InBody. These leading organisations have so many options available to them, yet they choose to use InBody – this was a major sign in itself.

From that moment, I was hooked. I purchased a machine to use at HPC and we quickly implemented it within the course. Students were scanned 3 times during their course; once on their first day, half way through the course and then at the end of their course. This was a great way to show how their body composition would change if they followed the training techniques we were teaching.

I believe we were one of the first in Australia to get an InBody device and we had 28000 scans that went through that particular device with great success.

It was soon identified that the unique standalone technology was not noted in Australia and New Zealand and so we took the steps to become the Australia and New Zealand distributors. We have now populated the medical, fitness, education, and corporate markets and the company is growing stronger and stronger.

We were invited to do InBody Specialist training in Korea where we became one of the few people around the world to achieve a high distinction. When at the training, I was truly blown away with the quality, the size of the company, the support, the scientific backing and the customer service and I’m pleased to say we’ve been a part of it ever since.

It’s great to be behind a product that has never let us down nor anyone else when used properly. It’s truly a standalone device and is one of the best and non intrusive methods of measuring body composition available.