DXA Health is a great example of how you can use two different types of technology within your business to cater to those with different needs.

Anita Gaynor and Jun Ding, DXA Health directors, used body composition scanners when they were training for a bodybuilding competition. They were able to utilise the scans  throughout their comp-prep to give them a clear way to track and measure changes in their body composition. They each had great success in their categories and wanted to assist more people to achieve better health so they decided to take steps to set up the business during the competition.

DXA Health provide a range of services to promote people’s health and fitness, including:

  • Body composition scan with DEXA machine and InBody 570
  • Bone density scan
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Personal training plan
  • Group training for different age groups

“DXA Health decided to utilise the InBody scanner because it has its own advantage that the DEXA machine couldn’t do. They will be using the InBody machine for mobile scanning services at different gyms and for people who want to know their body composition but do not want to be exposed to radiation,” advised DXA team member, Taylor.

“The information provided from the InBody scans will also be used alongside their training and nutrition programs to provide evidence-based practice. We are excited that we have two most accurate body composition analysers to provide service for people with different needs.”

DXA Health
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