Western Surgical Health is an Obesity and General Surgery clinic with a multidisciplinary team approach to weight loss surgery. They offer an 18 month RESHAPE programme that provides patients support from their Surgeons, Dieticians, Bariatric GPs, Psychologists and Physiotherapists to maintain weight loss after Obesity surgery with one of their surgeons.

The team at Western Surgical recently introduced the InBody 270 into their Perth clinic and updated us on how InBody has been assisting their Programme.

“Our patients use their InBody results to monitor their progress on their weight loss journey. It provides motivation, prompts them to increase their exercise and gives them pride in their successes.”

Thanks to the InBody devices ability to precisely measure over 40 parameters in less than 60seconds, InBody Body Composition Analysers have experienced strong growth within the Medical field, with more clinics and practices implementing the use of InBody’s unique technology.

“Our dietitian and Surgeons did a thorough review on available devices before investing in the InBody and have been delighted with the results. It has been a great tool for us – our patients love it and are welcome to come in and hop on whenever they are passing. The app will be great for their motivation too.”

InBody’s patented technology is trusted and used in over 70 countries. The InBody brand is well represented in many different areas – including medical, universities, fitness, educational, corporate, government and military organisations, while also being used by elite level sporting teams and trainers.

Western Surgical
51 Hampden Rd
Nedlands WA 6009