As the Australia and New Zealand distributor of InBody, we have identified the precision and uniqueness of the technology needs to be combined with an excellent level of knowledge and training. An InBody Certified Operator should be the only one carrying out a scan.

We created a 1-day training course for InBody Operators, which is completely complementary upon purchase of a new InBody device.

We have had fantastic feedback from those doing the course about how they get to connect with us; they see how we protect and develop the InBody brand, and they see how they can be a part of it. Most importantly, they learn the best scanning conditions – how to set up and take care of the InBody, how to interpret the results and how to use it as a marketing tool to further grow their own business.

It’s a phenomenal course and we ensure that people walk away with a wealth of knowledge that also allows them into our InBody Certified forum. The forum provides a great space to discuss with other operators about different conditions that they’ve experienced in business and everything else which they’ve found to be beneficial, plus gives them access to extra material to help them increase their business.

Upon completion of the Operator Training, you will receive an InBody certificate signed by InBody Specialists, as well as an InBody plaque to identify that you have attended and completed the certified course.

It is absolutely mandatory to do the course when buying a machine. We always like to meet the owners to put name to face, but we also understand that they have staff who will need to do the training too. We have people coming from all over Australia and also from overseas, and logistically it can be difficult to coordinate training for everyone, so we are excited to soon be launching our Online Training Course. 

We take the Operator Training very seriously – the owners walk away with a wealth of knowledge and its introduction has improved the level of service provided by InBody operators across Australia and New Zealand.