F45 select InBody as an exclusive global BIA device partner.

A partnership between world leaders in their industries will bring the science-backed InBody BIA devices and technology to F45 members around the world. 


InBody and F45 have signed an exclusive deal to provide access to InBody BIA technology to all F45 clubs globally. This partnership will help bring F45 into a position to supply the science-backed InBody technology that is trusted globally to all of its members.

After comprehensive testing and comparison analysis of BIA devices, F45 concluded that InBody was the obvious choice to provide the level of precise reproducibility that their clubs and members demanded.

“F45 is a great partner and this agreement exemplifies their dedication to upholding the expected standards in BIA technology along with educating the public on the limitations of imitation products. Our partnership with F45 underscores our commitment to providing a trusted, honest BIA scanning solution that is backed by science”, said Justin Heemskerk, InBody Body Composition Alanysers’ Operations Manager.

Many F45 locations around the world have been using InBody Technology for some time and are well versed in its trusted capabilities. This partnership will see F45 clubs that do not currently have access to an on-site BIA device soon acquire their own, and other clubs that have been using generic re-branded devices now able to upgrade to the InBody Technology.

InBody is known and trusted around the world for being the preferred BIA device in medical, education, research, military, government facilities, and has similar agreements with several other well-established facilities.

InBody will provide F45 locations with Inbody BIA devices and will also deliver cutting edge technology and digital delivery of results via online management platform and mobile App.

For more information please contact:

Justin Heemskerk
InBody Body Composition Analysers
P: +61 437 555 311
E: info@inbody.net.au