Steed Fitness

Steed Fitness is a modern boutique gym, located in Sydney’s CBD. Founded by Pony Ma and Ji Wang. Their facility is fitted out in state-of-the-art fitness equipment and advanced technology. They focus on assisting clients reach their fitness goals, from getting faster, stronger, happier, or a better version of themselves.

In Jan 2020, Steed Fitness officially opened their facility, and after extensive research they opted to include the InBody 570 in their arsenal of health and fitness tools. One of the many perks Steed offers their members is free body scans! InBody scans aren’t just for members though, Steed welcomes everyone to pop in for a body scan and consultation to learn more about their body composition – they’ll also be able to stare you in the right direction to getting your goals on track.

With Pony’s background in body building and Ji’s background in powerlifting they bring extensive knowledge to Steed Fitness. Body composition technology is very beneficial for both trainers and clients to effectively track ongoing progress, as they have a strong focus on building lean muscle mass and fat loss!

Steed Fitness

36-42 Chippen Street
Chippendale, NSW 2008

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