InBody 570 has been instrumental in providing support and service for Sport Whanganui and the Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB), to deliver a new initiative that has potential to become implemented in other health sectors in New Zealand.

The Whanganui District Health Board, in partnership with Sport Whanganui, launched a new initiative called Fit For Surgery, Fit For Life. It is a programme to support people through their journey pre and post-surgery and bring about a lifestyle change that will see significantly overweight patients reduce their weight and lift their fitness levels for surgery while continuing to encourage and maintain these changes for the rest of their life. Having surgery is tough on your body and it takes a team approach to make sure surgery and recovery is successful with little or no complications. How people look after their body before surgery is important.

The criteria for Fit For Surgery is a simple criteria of height / weight and >40 BMI. However, while developing this new initiative with the Whanganui District Health Board, Sport Whanganui wanted to be able to capture more than just a person’s base line information. The InBody 570 provides this and much more relevant information and data with a comprehensive view of the body composition such as skeletal muscle, measurements, Body Balance, Visceral fat, body water, proteins, minerals, and body fat, all components of the human body closely relate to the status of our health.

The InBody scan is a non-threatening, non-evasive procedure for the person, provides viable data for continued control and information of health in preoperative and post-operative care of people who are registered on the Fit For Surgery programme.

The InBody 570 provides ‘real time’ data that is accurate and precise. This collection of data has been an influential asset that compliments Fit For Surgery, providing the necessary evidence for quantitative research and evaluation, but also providing accurate documentation for Doctors / General Practitioners / Anaesthetists and Specialists.
With the use of the InBody, Fit For Surgery can work with people, inspire them, set goals and build an individual care plan allowing for review of person’s progress and any further support if required. The InBody 570 is a valuable motivational asset for the client.

Sport Whanganui – Fit For Surgery, Fit For Life

Christine Taylor (Registered Nurse) – Sport Whanganui

Marco Meijer (Head Anaesthetist) – Whanganui District Health Board

Danny Jonas (Chief Executive) – Sport Whanganui