Unbeatable Value

Imagine purchasing the latest InBody body composition technology to enhance the professionalism of your business, while providing an additional income stream.

Most assets that you purchase decrease in value, whereas an InBody device will pay for itself in a very short space of time.

  • No upfront costs
  • Approval over the phone
  • Can be cash flow positive in as little as 4 – 6 scans per week
  • Upgraded member retention
  • Improved companion selling opportunities
  • Increased lead generation

A unique feature of purchasing an InBody body composition analyser is we provide a complementary, full one day operators course. Which allows you to become a certified InBody operator. This is a very comprehensive course, which explains things such as; the InBody technology, interpretation of results, how to set up, care and maintenance, plus any trouble shooting you may have. This course is a mandatory requirement for warranty to be activated. It has been well received in maintaining the level of professionalism that InBody operators are renowned for.

There are four viable payment options to incorporate InBody into your business.

Upfront Purchase

Purchasing an InBody Body Composition Analyser can add a great point of difference to your business.

InBody has packages available for all machines. You can be earning good profits before you know it!

Your profit with a machine purchase


All profits are based on $40 per scan for the 570 device. Plus, consumables have been taken into account.

Finance Plans

InBody Body Composition Analysers has teamed up with Fit Lease, which allows a simple application and approval within 24 hours. An easy finance option for your business.

The InBody 570 could be paid for in as little as 6 scans per week.

The process is simple and has been utilised by many businesses across Australia, who are achieving high net profits each week.

Fit lease
Advantages of a finance plan purchase:

  • No upfront costs
  • Approval over the phone
  • Be cash flow positive in as little as 6 scans per week
  • No deposit required
  • A financially viable option for your business


InBody Body Composition Analysers along with Body Analysis Australia, allows you to rent an InBody 570 package that includes;

  • InBody 570 Body composition Analyser
  • BSM 370 (height measuring device)
  • Kyocera printer, 500 results sheets
  • 500 interpretation guides
  • 500 InBody tissues
  • Presentation cabinet
  • 2 presentation platforms.

Body Analysis Australia offer long term rental packages for 6 months, 12 months or 24 months, with a flat weekly rate.

Contact Nik. Ph: 0412 127 281