InBody Operator Course


Own of an InBody device? or use an InBody at your workplace?

Join the 300+ Certified InBody Operators across Australia and New Zealand who have completed this comprehensive Operator Course and become a trusted InBody expert.

Realise the full potential of your InBody device by learning how to correctly evaluate InBody parameters, how to identify common errors,  how to apply InBody to your business, and much more.

Personalised Training


Full-Day Course


Ongoing Support Network


Ideal for InBody Owners & Operators.

This course is designed to ensure each owner or operator has the necessary skills and working knowledge of the InBody device to consistently perform highly professional scans and interpretations.

Face to Face Classroom Learning

Practical hands-on learning environment to ensure you get the most from your training.

This course is delivered only by Certified InBody Specialists, and is required to be completed to commence warranty on your InBody device.

Online Course

Online Operator Course available to assist with getting the most from your InBody device from a distance.

Master Your InBody with Lookin’Body Web Data Management Platform

Further enhance your customers’ InBody experience and get hands-on training on the new data management platform – now included in the InBody Operator Course.

Become a Certified InBody Operator.

This course covers many important aspects and each participant will receive a certificate endorsing them as a Certified InBody Operator. This one day intensive training course will cover:

InBody’s patented technology

How to set up and use your InBody

Interpretation of an InBody scan

Business & Marketing tips

Plus, much more

This course is complementary for purchasers of new InBody machines and their staff, running continually throughout the year. Please contact us to arrange a suitable date for your course.


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