NutriBlooms offers Dietetic and Nutritional Services in Blackburn South, Victoria. They offer a range of services from weight loss for different age groups to specific medical conditions, such as, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, insulin resistance, PCOS and others. Their experienced, Qualified Dietitian does one-on-one consultations that includes a full lifestyle review and assessment, plus provides the necessary nutrition management plan along with a tailored individualised meal plan.

The assessment also includes a full Body Composition analysis using the precise, non invasive InBody machine that provides a full analysis of water, body fat, muscle mass, protein, waist measurements, BMR and more. NutriBlooms will use the InBody 270 to give their clients a detailed body composition description, which allows the dietitian to tailor the best meal plan that suits his/her case based on the InBody report.

Racha Slim – “We’re thrilled that our clients get to track their results over the free InBody app and track their progress.”

Why InBody?

“I have worked with InBody for more than five years and have always been a great help for me as a dietitian to come up with the best meal plan. It saves time and gives precise results in less than 60 seconds. I love the fact that it does the measurements without having me to use calipers which sometimes annoys the client(pinching) and may lead to inconsistency in results. It is different from other Body Composition Machines in the market as it is based on segmental analysis and does not rely on empirical estimations (gender and age).”

Bellbird Medical Centre
1A Alan Street, Blackburn South, VIC 3130

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