Nationwide ASN Integration

InBody Body Composition Analysers announce introduction of InBody devices into Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN) stores.


InBody Body Composition Analysers, the suppliers of medically graded Body Composition measurement devices, have announced the recent integration of InBody 570 Body Composition Analysers into 26 Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN) stores, in a nationwide rollout. By doing so, ASN will now be able to utilise the technology to validate their supplementation and training advice for their customers and clients.

The devices are currently being introduced into the ASN stores, with many of the new owners completing their InBody certified training at InBody’s Head Office on the Gold Coast. The rollout has been timed perfectly, with the store implementing the devices precise technology to track their client’s progress throughout their “60 Day Beach Body Challenge”.

ASN Toowoomba – “We are super excited to now have this amazing piece of equipment a permanent part of the shop and cannot wait for our customers to start using it!”

Australian Sports Nutrition are one of Australia’s most prominent supplement stores having been in business for over 15 years and during this time have earned a reputation for their expert advice and unrivalled customer care. Throughout their time in the industry, ASN have tried other brands of generic BIA devices and alternative methods to measure clients body composition changes and have found the InBody technology to reign supreme, resulting in the mass rollout of InBody machines.

“InBody has patented, standalone technology; With InBody, the reliability is unsurpassed as it measures you for you. We are very proud to be working with ASN and cannot wait to see the impact that they have on their clients results by using InBody technology to validate their advice and prove their expertise in their field.” said InBody Body Composition Analysers Director, Greg Tottman.

InBody Body Composition Analysers use bioelectrical impedance to measure over 40 different parameters in your body in under 60 seconds. You can find out how much muscle mass and body fat you hold in kilos, while also seeing where it is distributed throughout your body along with much more information. With frequent scanning, you are able to track your results to determine if any changes need to be made to your training or nutrition regime.

For more information on Australian Sports Nutrition, you can go to their website:

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