Precise Body Composition

InBody provides an insight into your strengths and weaknesses! While giving instant feedback on whether your diet and exercise regime are working for you.

Are you looking at getting an InBody scan to track your progress?

You might be starting a challenge that requires a ‘before’ scan. You might have been referred by your Personal Trainer, who has ditched the conventional scales. Are you possibly recovering from an injury and would like to get an insight into muscular imbalances or are you simply curious what you are made of?

Find Out What You’re Made Of

The home owners out there will know how important it is to inspect a property thoroughly, determine which improvements may need to be made, and get a good look at the interior before going on to pass a judgement.

InBody provides an interior look of your body. We know that conventional scales and photos just don’t tell the whole story.


Track Your Progress

Use the InBody App to track your body composition data to help achieve your fitness goals.


Determine muscular imbalances due to training or injury

Body Fat & Muscle Mass

Find out how many kgs of body fat and muscle mass are on your body and where it is located.

Visceral Fat

Potentially dangerous internal fat located around your organs.

Get your InBody test delivered straight to your mobile.

The interactive InBody App helps you track, monitor, and achieve more from your scans.

Monitor your body’s status on the go with your InBody data delivered right to your mobile device.
Track your scan history and visualise progressing towards your goals.
Connect with friends and family. Keep each other in check and on track.

What to expect during your first scan

A friendly InBody Operator will take you through your scan, which is a very simple non-invasive process. The scan takes no longer than 60 seconds which is then followed by a full interpretation and explanation of your results – making your scan a completely professional, unintimidating experience.

We recommend following your initial scan with a progress scan within 4-8 weeks, so you can see how your diet and exercise regime is working for you.

Find Your Nearest InBody

Australia and New Zealand

InBody is located right across Australia and New Zealand. To find one nearest to you, simple visit our interactive map.

Gold Coast

Visit the InBody showroom, located inside Human Performance Centre, Miami – Gold Coast.

What does your scan mean?

The InBody result sheet provides extensive body composition data.  A full interpretation guide is provided whenever a test is completed. However, a unique feature of InBody is the ability to provide a the results in a very simple manner.