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Providing necessary parameters for Healthcare Professionals to assist in their treatment and prevention in various non-communicable conditions.

InBody has a proven track record in assisting desirable outcomes for healthcare professional.

Key Assessments Provided by InBody

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Muscle Fat Analysis

Monitor muscle and fat mass to assess potential complications related to things such as cachexia and sarcopenia.

Segmental Lean Analysis

Identify fluid imbalances in each segment of the body. In rehabilitation identify and monitor areas receiving treatment.

ECW/TBW Analysis

Assess potential fluid accumulation to assist the healthcare professional between dialysis sessions.

Visceral Fat

Identify potential increased risk associated with various conditions.

Phase Angle

Cellular indicator of cell integrity.

Body Composition History

Enables a Healthcare Professional ability to track and quantify fluid retention, progress of conditions and progression of their patients treatment.

Popular Models for the Medical Field

Cloud Database Management

Lookin’Body Web Allows you to check and manage all the data from your InBody device on any computer. Access your client’s results at your convenience and stay updated on how they’re doing anywhere, anytime.

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At Clinica Colagrande out team of practitioners offer a diverse range of services that revolve around optimising health and well being.

Traditional physical medical examination is considered the bench mark complimented with standard blood tests. Now however, having incorporated the InBody Composition Analysers to the clinic it enables our team of practitioners to accurately quantify over time and assess each patients progress, particularly weight management, musculoskeletal health assessments. We are thrilled with how the InBody Composition Analysers provides us with detailed reports particularly, visceral fat levels, as these are directly correlated to morbidity and mortality outcomes.  Clinica Colagrande has embraced the InBody Composition Analyser machine and so has our patients, they love coming back to monitor their progress. Stay healthy, live long and strong with the InBody Composition Analysers!

Dr Ces Colagrande

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