Live Better Nutrition

Live Better Nutrition provides a range of different dietetic advice. They work with clients to reach weight loss goals, manage chronic disease and improve their overall health, with special interest in nutrition for fertility and pregnancy. The dietitians at Live Better Nutrition help women and couples ensure their diets are optimal for improving fertility, increasing the chance of conception, both naturally and with assistance and delivering a healthy baby.

Live Better Nutrition’s Jeanette Ryan – “I worked with InBody when I did a locum job at the university and thought it was a great idea. I’ve since seen it in practice in a dedicated fertility dietitian’s practice, with great effect.”

At Live Better Nutrition, they’re using the InBody as a tool to give their clients a clearer view of the impact dietary and lifestyle changes are having on their bodies. The dietitians use the information the InBody report provides, to create tailored nutrition advice. It allows them to help their clients set goals and track their progress to reaching them.

Jeanette – “For years I have been telling my clients that the scale is a blunt instrument. The number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole story and it can be quite disheartening for clients to make a huge effort and see very little change on the scales. Previously, I have frequently suggested clients go to the university to use their InBody machine to get a better idea of their actual progress.”

Jeanette and her team are very excited to now have their own InBody so they can provide this service in-house to their clients. The fact the InBody 270 is portable allows Jeanette and her team to move it between their three locations with ease to cater to all of their clients.

Live Better Nutrition
5B Chandler St, Belconnen ACT 2617

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