InBody’s Top Tips For An Excellent Scanning Experience

With thousands of InBody devices located across Australia and New Zealand, we just wanted to check in to ensure you are receiving/delivering top level service. Whether you own an InBody device or utilise a mobile scanning service, there are some key factors to ensure the device you are using gives a precise measurement.

Here are our top tips.

1. InBody Certified Operator

We highly recommend only using InBody certified operators. These are people/businesses that have attended InBody’s operator training course. This is a one day course on the Gold Coast where the new operator learns extensively about the InBody technology, how to operate the device and, most importantly, how to interpret the results to your members. We arm them with all of our knowledge so they become absolute experts on their machines.  Each person attending the academy receives an InBody certified certificate as evidence of the training.

2. Stadiometer

It is vital each member gets their height measured on a stadiometer. A person’s height ideally should not be guessed as this will give them inconsistent results on the scan. InBody only sells body composition analysers accompanied by a stadiometer for this exact reason, so this should always be present at a scanning session. Unless your members have had their height measurement before and they are having a re-scan, a stadiometer should always be utilised.

3. InBody Tissues

The InBody tissues are used to wipe down your hands and feet where they make contact with the electrodes- this increases the conductivity. Without the tissues, it can be difficult for the electrical currents to flow through the skin. The InBody tissue also serves as an antibacterial wipe and therefore it should be absolutely necessary for hygiene purposes.

4. Result Sheets & Interpretation Guide

Each member should be provided with a printed result sheet and an interpretation guide. We have created these and encourage all InBody operators to pass this service on to each customer. We think receiving professionally printed material really adds to the scan experience and it means each one of your members can read further about each metric when they get home – having your first scan is such an eye-opening experience.

5. Personal Interpretation

There is an overwhelming about of content on an InBody scan. It is vital for your members to leave with the knowledge of what it all means, then you can assist with improvements. We teach all InBody certified operators the best way to conduct an interpretation of the scan result. This extensive explanation is to be passed on to each member who receives a scan.

6. Scan Under Same/Similar Conditions.

The interpretation guide provides guidelines for ideal conditions for scanning. The main one to be made aware of is never scan straight after training – we suggest waiting a minimum of three hours before scanning or, even better, scan before. You are presenting your body in a changed state straight after training that is very hard to replicate and therefore your measurements could be altered temporarily.

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