InBody S10

The InBody S10 is a comprehensive device specialising in body water analysis and nutritional assessment of patients. Improve your patients’ quality of treatment.

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Changing the way we manage illness

Supine Testing

Measure while user is laying down in less than 90 seconds. No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort.


Take measurements pre/post and during state of dialysis.


Store up to 100,000 results.

Ultra Portable

Conveniently test patients, in various departments.

Flexibility in Testing

Touch Electrode

For bed-ridden and immobile patients.

The Touch Type electrodes are used to test bed-ridden patients. The electrodes gently clip onto the patient’s fingers and ankles.

Adhesive Electrode

For amputee patients

Test patients with paralysed or amputated limbs with the Adhesive Type electrodes.

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