InBody is the only non discriminatory BIA

InBody is the first and only, non-discriminatory BIA method of assessing your body composition.

The InBody device does not use age or gender in an assumption of you. The inputted information asked is simply used to give a guideline to normal ranges (based on age and gender). However, every other device uses these specific inputs to assume what your body composition should/may be. In short, on a non-InBody device, if you change your age and gender – your scan will change.  We ENCOURAGE you to check it out for yourself on the device you are using.

How wrong could it be?

Every BIA device OTHER than InBody, will assume that a male carries more muscle and less fat than a female. In many cases this might be true, but it shouldn’t be assumed. There are plenty of strong, athletic women out there. They may certainly carry more muscle, than a male that doesn’t train.  Do you see how wrong ‘assumptions’ could be?

Likewise, with age, most devices will ASSUME that a 50-year-old female has less muscle and more body fat than a 25-year-old female.  Again, some cases maybe – but definitely nowhere near all.  We see MANY people in the fitness industry that are in incredible condition DESPITE their age.

What about a person who wishes to identify themselves with a certain gender, yet their choice of gender will really change the measurements due to inferior devices making assumptions based on it. If you have a device that claims to be accurate, try changing the age and gender. Watch the scan measurements change dramatically before your eyes, yet you clearly haven’t in the few minutes it took to scan you. Check this video out for the renowned preciseness InBody is famous for.

Our belief is that when somebody decides to get a body scan, they are giving up time and money in exchange for a set of information. Honestly what is the point if the information is not precise? What is the point if you scan again in another 6 weeks and the measurements are so sporadic that you can’t even really compare them?

With InBody you can change your age and/or gender and your scan measurements will not change! Proving the patented technology is truely inovative.

We will never assume based on your Age and Gender.

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