InBody doesn’t hold your age against you

InBody Body Composition Analysers is very unique, as it doesn’t hold your age against you during your assessment. Other devices always ask for your age, gender and sometimes even ethnicity to be entered. Based on these factors, your body composition is predicted therefore estimated based on this inputed data. Most of these devices assume you would be a certain way, depending on these factors. Simply put, in any of these devices, if you change your age or gender your scan will miraculously change before your eyes, yet YOU have not changed at all (if you don’t believe us – try it on your current device). Check this video out.

An assumption for age would be this, as you get older your body loses muscle and gains more body fat. For some people that might be the case, but there are many people who are in better condition at 40 years of age than they were at 20 years of age.

InBody does not, never has and never will use these assumptions when completing your bio scan.  It simply scans you for you with its patented, stand-alone technology.

With InBody you can change your age and gender and your bio scan will not change. Asking for age and gender is simply used to provide you with a range of healthy guidelines based on these points. These are generally found in brackets, next to your results.

Why is this SO important to me as a customer?

We know that every individual person is totally unique and so should their scan be.

Imagine you are a 22-year-old male, partaking in a 12-week challenge. You have a bio scan at the beginning of the challenge, on an inferior device. This provides some results based on calculations of assumptions about a 22-year-old male. A week before the end of the challenge, you turn 23! The inferior device will NOW scan you as a 23-year-old male and could give some significant result anomalies. The machine is assuming you are a year older than your last scan, when in fact you are only one week older. Age or gender should not be a factor at all in precise scanning. For example, if you got an MRI scan or blood pressure taken, does it matter if you are a certain age or gender? Of course not, as it precisely measures you for you.

InBody is the ONLY bio scan device in the world that does NOT use age and gender as assumptions in your scan measurements.

As an individual – you can be confident in precise, consistent results every time.

As a gym owner or PT – you can deliver the results with confidence, knowing the InBody technology is working with you in delivering precise results with the brand that has significant nationwide and worldwide coverage and for good reason.

InBody – we will not hold your age against you!

Check it out for yourselves.

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