We see all manner of interesting things from time to time coming through the InBody Service Centre. This one in particular highlights the importance of proper use, care, and maintenance of your InBody device to ensure the excellent standards expected by InBody clients around the world are maintained.
These photo’s are of the footplate electrodes on an InBody, and as you can see here they have an unsettling amount of “foot gunk” built up across the electrodes!
As well as being extremely unhygienic for all those who have to use this device, the extremely precise electrical current that needs to flow to and from these electrodes will be greatly hindered by this filthy build up, and can even cause the scan to completely fail due to the current being completely blocked from getting through.
To ensure your InBody’s hand and feet electrodes are completely clean and prepared for electrical current transfer, always only use the approved InBody Tissues, which contain proprietary ingredients to not only enhance the electrical conductivity, but also to reduce surface bacteria.
Other wipes which do not contain the same proprietary ingredients as the InBody Tissues are not designed with electrical conductivity properties in mind, and things like baby wet wipes actually are designed to coat a baby’s skin with protective oils and lotions to protect it from a harsh environment. This coating can have detrimental effects on the electrical currents trying to get though the build up of oils and lotions. Other wipes with harsh alcoholic ingredients and cleaning agents can damage the surfaces of the electrodes which will also cause damage to your device.
You may not notice any abnormalities in your scan results immediately by using non approved wipes, however over time the build up of chemicals and or the damage to the electrodes will cause increasing worse conductivity, eventually resulting in unpredictable results and even failures.
You should always maintain a high level of professionalism when operating your InBody device, whether it be in a fitness, corporate, or medical environment. Taking shortcuts on quality of products or service to save a few cents here and there can have a detrimental effect on your business and brand.
So in summary, using any other product or wipe on the InBody electrode surfaces apart from the approved InBody Tissue will not only void the InBody warranty, but aside from warranty issues, you would definitely not want to coat the delicate electrical components of a high quality medically graded machine with oils and lotions designed for a baby’s skin, or strip away the electrode coating with harsh chemicals.

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