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Get your InBody test results delivered straight to your mobile device.

Monitoring your health has never been so easy. The interactive InBody App helps you track, monitor, and achieve more from your scans. Access your Body Composition Results anywhere, anytime, and connect with your community.

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Your results are always on-hand to boost your success

Results Always on Hand

Review your body’s status on the go with your InBody results, graphs, and interpretations delivered right to your mobile device.

Visualise Your Progress

Manage your scans to track your progress and visualise your goals.

Connect with Others

Whether it’s holding each other accountable for each other’s health or friendly competition, connect with friends and family.

Achieve More

Share your scans with your healthcare providers or specialists to make better informed decisions based on what your body tells you.

Automatically Synchronised Data

Your scans will automatically synchronise from the compatible InBody device straight into the free App with a simplified interpretation of your results.

Get your free App download. Now Available on:


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