InBody 970


The InBody 970 – a new standard of innovation, equipped with state-of-the-art 3MHz technology and a new ergonomic design, to better suit diverse patients with different conditions and medical specialties than ever before.

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InBody introduces the next generation of body composition analyser

the 3MHz frequency

Enabling the precise measurement of a more diverse range of patients and subjects with special body compositions.


7 Different Result Sheets for In-depth Analysis

No estimations

Age and gender is not used to make assumptions about your body composition measurement.

Smart InBody Measurement

The ID recognition process can be performed quickly and with ease by using the Fingerprint scanner.


Yscope is a portable abdominal fat analyzer that can be integrated with the InBody 970.

InBody Big Data

InBody provides age-specific graphs for each body composition analysis parameter based on globally accumulated InBody Data.

Optional Device

In-depth Abdominal Analysis

Integrated with the world’s first portable BIA abdominal fat analyser. Yscope – in particular, it has a correlation of more than 90% with CT, and the non-invasive method enables accurate and convenient measurement within 10 seconds. It provides specialised indicators for abdominal obesity research, including endocrine diseases, and metabolic diseases.

7 Result Sheets for In-depth Analysis

Evaluation Result Sheet

Can be used to evaluate and compare body composition results by age.

Research Result Sheet

Incorporates frequently used parameters and provides segmental graphs that offer a more comprehensive analysis.

Body Composition Result Sheet

Comparison Result Sheet

Provides a Cole-Cole plot graph along with other significant parameters to compare previous and current results.

Visceral Fat Result Sheet

can be used to monitor changes in subcutaneous and visceral fat (requires Ycope)

Body Composition Result Sheet for Children

Body Water

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