Research-grade Analysis

Preciseness and reliability of the InBody is proven by the world’s top journals and scholars.

Showcasing the InBody 770.

State of the Art Body Composition Technology.

The InBody 770 is our top of the range device. With an abundance of measurement outputs the 770 is a premium body composition analyser. Trusted by top hospitals and used for medical research, patient monitoring, sports medicine and sports science.


60 seconds

Measure body fat, muscle mass and water levels in less than a minute.


Over 50 parameters

The InBody 770 will precisely measure your member’s progress. Track over 50 parameters, for example: muscle mass, body fat and visceral fat area.


No estimations

Age and gender is not used to make assumptions about your body composition measurement.

Lookin’Body Web

Use InBody’s Lookin’Body Web software during your challenges to compile a report of all challengers and analyse success stats.

InBody App

Use the InBody App to track your body composition data to help achieve your fitness goals.

Trusted by top hospitals

Used for medical research, patient monitoring, sports medicine and sports science.

How the InBody 770 can Assist Your Business:

Be on top of your game with InBody

InBody 770 for Fitness

Kg Left Arm Lean Mass

Kg Left Leg Lean Mass

Kg Right Arm Lean Mass

Kg Right Leg Lean Mass

A Medically Graded Device for your Centre



Use the InBody 770 to scan members at the beginning, midway and end of a challenge. Precisely track progress and easily choose winners based on reliable data.


Prove your methods work

Use InBody’s comprehensive report to prove your training techniques and diet plans really work. Keep members coming back to your facility after seeing what great results you achieve.


Asset to your Business

The InBody 770 device can be cash flow positive for only five scans per week.

The Advanced Diagnostic Solution

InBody 770 for Medical

The InBody 770 in your practice

Use the InBody to provide a full body assessment in under 60 seconds.


Measure Visceral Fat area – known problematic fat for certain conditions.


Identify fluid imbalances in each segment of the body using the Segmental Lean Analysis. In rehabilitation identify and monitor areas receiving treatment.


Use the Phase Angle for cellular indicator of cell integrity.

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A Healthy Workforce is a Productive Workplace

InBody 770 for Corporate

Get the most out of your team

InBody provides a perfect platform as a risk minimising strategy. By ongoing testing you’re able to regularly monitor the health and wellbeing of all staff members.


Research shows that employee health status directly influences work behaviour, attendance and on-the-job performance.


Prove your methods work

Two-thirds of adults are overweight, this statistic has not changed since 2011. It is the third largest cause of serious illness. Having weight issues increases the risk of illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other critical illnesses. Intervention with a health and wellbeing plan can improve overall health and productivity in the workplace. Reference:


Strain/Sprain is the top injury reported in the Australian workplace. By increasing muscle mass you’re potentially minimising the probability of such injuries occurring. Reference:

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