InBody 370S

InBody 370s

Introducing the brand new 3rd generation InBody 370s with new stylish design features.

Experience the exclusive InBody technology

The InBody 370S goes beyond weight, and measures how much lean mass you have in each body segment. With these values, you can monitor how your body is adjusting over time to dietary changes, fitness routines, and lifestyle modifications. The device and associated equipment is completely portable, offering owners or users greater convenience of use. The InBody 370S is a highly efficient and precise device which tests and provides in-depth results in less than two minutes.

The InBody 370S uses 15 impedance measurements, by using 3 different frequencies to measure the 5 segments of the body. This provides over 30 parameters specific to body composition.

The InBody 370S allows you or your trainer/health professional to regularly monitor your level of body fat, lean muscle mass and muscular development so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing your overall body composition.

SMF-BIA  (Patent registration number: US 8271079) Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. Another innovative achievement for BIA technology.


3rd generation of InBody line up

  • User-Friendly interface with voice guidance
  • Electrical noise detection
  • Auto printer searching
  • SMF-BIA Technology (US Patent)
  • Stylish exterior

Wireless solution

  • Data management software (available)
  • Stadiometer
  • Cloud service enabled
Body composition device

Easy and quick measurement

  • Quick Measurement

  • Troubleshooting for Basic Repair

  • Barcode Scanner

Various options improving the use of the InBody 370s

  • BSM 370 Stadiometre (Automatic portable stadiometer) via RS32 Cable
  • BPBIO320 Blood Pressure Monitor, which features automatic data transfer to the InBody370S. Blood Pressure values are then shown on the InBody370S result sheet
  • Connect Looking Body 120, exclusively designed software program for InBody that enables easy access to past history and client management

Outputs & Parameters

  • Total Body Water
  • Protein
  • Soft Lean Mass
  • Minerals
  • Fat Free Mass
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Weight
  • Muscle-Fat Analysis
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Body Mass Index
  • Percent Body Fat
  • Segmental Lean Analysis
  • Segmental Fat
  • Body Composition History
  • InBody Score
  • Weight Control
  • Nutrition Evaluation
  • Body Balance
  • Segmental
  • Waist-Hip Ratio
  • Visceral Fat Level
  • Systolic blood pressure (when connected to BPBIO320 blood pressure monitor)
  • Diastolic blood pressure (when connected to BPBIO320 blood pressure monitor)
  • Heart rate (when connected to BPBIO320 blood pressure monitor)
  • Plus many more

Results Sheet

InBody results