How Mobile Scanning can be used within your business

If you’ve ever considered purchasing an InBody device, or would like to try the uniqueness that InBody possesses first hand, then mobile scanning is an ideal way to do just that.

Mobile scanning is offered by many operators, where someone comes to your premise, gym or workplace and scans your clients or employees. Full interpretations are provided to ensure that anyone who scans has a full understanding of their results, and you get to see the technology and how it could be applied to your business.

Mobile scanning has been a very effective and efficient means that we, and many operators, have used around Australia and New Zealand and they continue to utilise with great success.

Mobile scanning is generally charged at cost per scan, making this a great system for you to expose yourself to the InBody technology without needing to outlay any more money.

This offers you an opportunity to see if it is more suitable for you to purchase a device or to continue having the mobile scanning operator come out to your business.

There are many advantages to using mobile scanning within your business.

The scanner should be a certified operator and have received training at our head office on the Gold Coast. They will set up the device within your centre, carry out all scans and give your clients a professional interpretation and once the scans have been completed, they will then pack everything up and be on their way.

When you run a fitness challenge, whether in a fitness facility or within a corporate workplace, you need a way to validate that the training methods that you are teaching are working, or that the participants are following what you have recommended.

Having a third party doing the body composition assessments helps to ensure that any emotion can be taken away from the equation to ensure that you are using real life data.

With our app, you can track the results from each of your clients and work out who the winners are in the challenge, while the clients have the ability to access their scan results on their mobile to keep themselves accountable and motivated.

Mobile scanning gives you the advantage as you can see InBody technology first hand, to see how it would work within your business and you can then decide whether to continue with mobile scanning, or look into purchasing a device.

Even when trying to buy a car and taking it for a test drive, you don’t often get to drive it in the conditions that you would like to use it in, so you then have to assume whether or not it will work for you; Will it fit in the garage? Can it go off road?

The beauty of InBody is that it comes at no cost to you except charge per scan by the mobile scanner. They can set up the device in your exact environment and you can see it in action and see what a brilliant standalone tool it is.

Whether maintaining mobile scanning or deciding on buying, mobile scanning offers a great look-in at how the device can support your business or merely provide your clients with a simple, yet effective, way to track and measure change in their body composition.

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