Fine Tune Your Clients Training

How do you define a good workout?

Within a gym environment, it is safe to say that most people will have a different interpretation of how they describe a good work out. These definitions can vary from having a good “pump”, being out of breath, how sweaty they get and whether or not they vomit at the end. While these can certainly indicate that you’ve worked hard, how do you know that what you’re doing is getting you closer to your goal?

When you get in a car, your objective is to go from “A” to “B”. If you jump in the car and drive it really hard, like doing burnouts, how do you know that you are getting closer to “B”?

In a car, you already know what “B” is but in a gym environment, many people do not know how to define what their “B” is, nor do they have a precise means of measuring if the training they are doing is getting them closer to “B”. Just like driving a car where you are constantly monitoring you’re on the quickest path to reach your destination, it makes sense to do the same in a training environment – ensuring you’re on track and minimise wasted time in the gym.

InBody can fulfil both of those requirements.

When training your clients, you need a way to validate and fine-tune your training methods to make sure they are on track.

Having them do an InBody scan is the first step. This not only gives them their starting point, but you can also find their “B” and set them a realistic, informed goal from the beginning.

Each scan offers a comprehensive report, measuring over 40 parameters of the body – it not only measures how much body fat and muscle mass your client has, it also breaks this information down further to show you where both are stored throughout their body. This is a great way to see any imbalances that your client may have; for extreme imbalances, you may need to adjust their plan or incorporate certain exercises to bring the body parts into proportion.

Keep them on track.

InBody devices are a great tool to show clients their body composition so that it makes them more aware of where they are currently sitting, while also showing them that there is more to their “weight” than just a number on a scale. By breaking the information down into an easy-to-read result sheet, they can further understand what areas they need to work on – this creates leverage for change for the client but most importantly, they can monitor their improvement so they can keep motivated to continue on their journey to “B”.

Every Personal Trainer knows that you will not always have clients that follow your advice. InBody scans are a great way to identify if a client may be straying from their plan; you may have prescribed a plan that you know has had great success only to find that a client has had less than desirable results. When these precise results are right in front of them, it is difficult to deny that they weren’t following the advice provided.

What sets YOU apart from the rest?

When you’re a good trainer, you want results. Why do people leave the gym? Because they cant see these results. Although it may be obvious that their body composition is changing, they cant see the results for themselves.

By utilising an InBody device, you can continue tracking client results to prove that changes are happening and they are on track to reach their goal and, if not, you can make tweaks or changes to get them back on track straight away.

Current methods are a guess; whether you’re weighing yourself or looking in the mirror, these cannot prove definitively that your training plan is working, but with InBody’s standalone, patented technology, there is no denying what’s on paper.

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