Fast Twitch

Introducing Fast Twitch the ever-growing InBody community.

Fast Twitch is an exceptional class-based gym, yoga studio, and recovery facility located in Adelaide. We specialise in science-based, results-backed training and recovery modalities. Our class-based workouts are programmed for specific training goals, whilst also being backed by the latest exercise science research. We offer three unique training programs, Strength, HIRT, and Endurance. Our Yoga Studio offers hot yoga, vinyasa flow, beginner yoga, and stretch & mobility classes. Restore your body & feel rejuvenated with our recovery suite, utilising our contrast therapy (ice baths, hot tub), float tank therapy, infrared and steam sauna, red light therapy, compression boots, and massage guns, and BrainTap.

What is your plan with InBody?

We specialise in science-based, results-backed training and recovery modalities. We love transparency and metrics that our members can use to better improve their health and wellbeing. InBody provides us with the ability to show our members exactly how their body is changing, facilitating ultimate accountability.

What are you most excited about?

Our members always love the way they feel after a tough training session and the way they look after a hot Finnish sauna. Finally, with InBody we can further show our clients the real results of their body.

What made you choose InBody?

Because it is the leading Body Composition Analyser.


Fast Twitch
270 North East Road, Klemzig SA 5087
(08) 8261 1299

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