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InBody has revolutionised body composition testing and monitoring in the fitness industry. The InBody is used by health club owners and personal trainers to keep clients accountable and ensure their training methods are working favourably for the client. The InBody is also used as a lead generation tool, it assists with member retention and is great for upselling and companion selling. The InBody is a very popular tool to use in fitness challenges to easily determine a winner and speed up the process of analysing large groups.

InBody scans are incredibly precise, as it uses what we call the impedance of you. Small alternating currents are sent through the body which measures the different impedance of the makeup of the body. For example, body fat compared to body water (such as blood) has a much weaker conductivity, which equals relatively high impedance. Unlike other devices, InBody only uses the impedance, it does not rely on inputted age and gender to guess your body composition.

Other devices ask for your age, gender and sometimes even ethnicity to be entered. Based on these factors, your body composition is predicted therefore estimated based on this inputed data. Simply put, in any of these devices, if you change your age or gender your scan will miraculously change before your eyes, yet YOU have not changed at all

Absolutely! We have a specifically designed InBody Certified Operator Course, so you can get the maximum from your device. This course is available both online and face-to-face. The face-to-face course is an intensive full day, facilitated at the InBody showroom on the Gold Coast. The online course is perfect for those who can’t make it to the Gold Coast and ideal for staff members using the device. We advise only certified operators to conduct InBody scans. 

The InBody 270 is our most portable model, weighing in at only 14kgs. It easily folds up and can be slipped into a specifically designed carry bag (carry bag sold separately). The InBody 270 is the smallest device so perfect for those who are limited with space. This model utilises 10 impedance measurements, with 2 different frequencies which provides over 25 parameters relevant and specific to body composition.

The InBody 570 is the most popular device to be used in fitness facilities, it is still a portable option, weighing in at 24kgs with a foldable structure perfect for transporting. The InBody 570 uses 15 impedance measurements, using 3 different frequencies which provides over 40 parameters.

InBody is the exclusive supplier of body composition devices for F45 Training Studios worldwide. After extensive research in early 2020 a global partnership was formed. F45 have successfully been using InBody within their 8 week challenges for many years.

Fitstop Australia has incorporated InBody into their group training system, with all studios having an InBody device.

InBody is used extensively within leading hospitals, government agencies, research facilities, universities and sporting facilities.

InBody has been operating around the globe for over 20 years. Trusted by top research facilities, health and fitness centres and work closely within the corporate sector to assist in monitoring the health and wellbeing within the workplace. Some examples include NASA, Griffith Uni, Royal Children’s Hospital, University of SE QLD, University of Canberra, Melbourne Hospital, LA Lakers, Cronulla Sharks, Google, GE Healthcare, Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Redbull, F45 Training, Orange Theory & Virgin Active just to name a few.

There are many successful businesses and private individuals that have made a very successful business out of owning an InBody and providing a mobile scanning service for places such as sporting teams, gyms and fitness facilities and corporate organisations just to name a few .

InBody Co.,Ltd. (InBody Korea) has developed an end-user app which is available for free on both GooglePlay and the App Store. This app goes hand-in-hand with the Lookin’Body Web cloud based data management software. This has been designed for the machine operator to manage all client data, so they can; track and monitor client progress, access client history, pull challenge reports, connect with clients and so much more. Lookin’Body Web can be accessed anywhere at any time from both computer and smart device.

You’ll find a collection of InBody certified operators on an interactive map here.

The InBody scan is non-intrusive, ideally wear comfortable clothing and remove all jewellery and excess items like metal belts and watches where possible.

To find an example of studies that feature InBody visit, here.

InBody is found and successfully used in the following fields:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Cardiovascular
  • Geriatrics
  • Respiratory
  • Endocrine
  • Paediatric
  • Urology
  • Nutrition
  • Cancer, palliative care
  • Kidney disease & dialysis
  • Orthopaedics

An employee’s overall wellness status can directly influence their work behaviour, attendance and on-the-job performance. Benefits of implementing long term body composition monitoring in the workplace:

  • Measuring body composition builds awareness of an individual’s wellbeing based on their results.
  • Long term body composition analysis will create awareness of one’s lifestyle choices, in turn this may reduce absenteeism.
  • Monitoring of an individual’s results shows improvements and/or areas requiring improvement.
    Working on areas that require improvement can give the motivation needed to make a healthy lifestyle change.
  • Increase team unity during Health and Fitness challenges within the workplace.

The whole process of conducting an InBody scan can be completed in 2-3mins.

Your first scan is a great starting point, then it’s the follow up scan where you can see your progress. Monitoring body composition over time is a great way to see what effect your lifestyle choices, exercise and diet are having on your overall body composition.

After you’ve had your first InBody scan and established your starting point, you can then set yourself targets to work towards. If you make changes to your training regime or diet, you’ll be able to precisely analyse what effect these are having on your body and if you’re heading in the right direction to achieve your goals.

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