F45 Training Newstead

F45 Training is a team-based, functional training facility that places an emphasis on the ‘three key factors’ – motivation, innovation and results. They offer 10 customised training systems, 10 unique circuit movement patterns, 15 different timing modules, over 1,000 exercises, and workouts that change every day.

F45 Newstead provide InBody scans to their members at the beginning and end of their world famous 8 week challenges, to help track their body composition progress and allows for added guidance and advice for each member. Matthew and his team of trainers can see at a glance if their members are gaining or losing muscle mass and body fat levels. They use the data to help adjust their exercise routine and provide better guidance on their Challenge meal plan, thus resulting in the best results for each member.

F45 Newstead’s owner, Matthew Hockey “I love seeing the end of challenge scan results and the looks on our members faces when they see they have dropped BF% and gained muscle mass. Seeing the numbers on paper helps our members realise the differences in their body they may not be able to see. It is always rewarding to see a member light up when all the numbers track in the right direction!”

Why InBody?

Matthew – “The quality and reputation of InBody aligns with what we stand for at F45. As a progressive business who likes to challenge people and ourselves for results InBody was an easy choice for us to make.”


F45 Training Newstead
81 Doggett St, Newstead

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