F45 Training Camp Hill

F45 Training Camp Hill is a family owned and operated studio located in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane. F45 is a group training facility that places a huge emphasis on the ‘three key factors’ of motivation, innovation and results.

Over the last 4 years, Luke and Katie have had a big focus on the community, their small team is super committed to inspiring people everyday towards being happy, healthy and fit. They love helping to educate the community on their current health status, the InBody 570 is a perfect tool to demonstrate exactly that!

F45 Training Camp Hill are long standing InBody owners, they find the InBody reports to be an amazing tool to motivate and help clients set and achieve goals. They couldn’t imagine running their business without this brilliant tool.

“The InBody 570 is a world class machine and we feel very privileged to have one in our possession.”

Luke and Katie love how InBody connects with other technologies, the Myzone integration gives their clients even more resources to improve their health and fitness. The InBody App has also been a huge hit within their studio, getting access to scan results at the touch of a button!

Why InBody?

“Since opening our F45 four years ago we have always used an InBody 570 due to the accuracy of its technology. We know we can put full trust in clients reports and we love that the scan is convenient and time efficient. We can see the benefit of everyone getting an INBODY SCAN from time to time to inform them on their current health status. We love getting our machine out into the community to allow everyone access… not just our members. INBODY changes lives!”

F45 Training Camp Hill

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