CSIRO Adds InBody 770 To Its Array Of Research Technology

CSIRO, Australia’s national science research agency, has added the InBody technology to its research array.

“At the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), we shape the future. We do this by using science to solve real issues to unlock a better future for our community, our economy, our planet.” CSIRO

Collaborating with leading organisations around the world, the CSIRO are recognised internationally for their quality research. The CSIRO works with leading organisations around the world, and specialise in different areas in different regions of the world.

The InBody 770’s were an obvious choice for Australia’s National Science Research Agency, as extremely high levels of accuracy and reproducibility are required to support their high-level research projects.

“For around a century, we have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in science and technology. But it’s tomorrow’s innovations that excite us – wearable technology that alerts a doctor when you are sick, diets based on your DNA and so much more.” CSIRO

InBody is known and trusted around the world for being the preferred BIA device in medical, education, research, military, government facilities, and has supplied BIA devices to several other government organisations including the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Australian Navy, and many other well-established facilities.

“The CSIRO choosing InBody Technology is a testament to the already well established InBody BIA devices. With the CSIRO developing technologies and solutions for disease detection and early prevention as well as improving a range of health products, the InBody 770 will be a valuable asset to the comprehensive arsenal already at their disposal”. said Justin Heemskerk, InBody Body Composition Analysers’ Operations Manager.

InBody has supplied the CSIRO with multiple InBody 770 BIA devices and will also deliver cutting edge technology and digital delivery of results via an online management platform and mobile App.

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