Automatic Portable Stadiometer

BSM 370

InBody’s BSM370 stadiometer provides effortless height measurement and weight assessment used by doctors, nurses, health and educational facilities, globally.
Explore the BSM370
Ergonomically designed to simplify patient assessment.


The BSM370 is compact and has a light weight design with wheels and sliding down and foldable design for mobility.

Measurement range

Height measurement range is from 90 - 200 cm, weight range is from 10kg - 200 kg.

Vital Equipment

Height measurement is a key factor to ensuring a precise body composition analysis. InBody only sells body composition analysers accompanied by a stadiometer for this exact reason.

Quick, Easy, & Precise

The user simply steps onto the scale’s platform where the automatic height bar lowers to the top of their head.

Connects with your inBody device

Data is automatically transfered to the InBody 270, InBody 370s, InBody 570 or InBody 770.

LCD screen

The user’s height, weight and BMI will be displayed immediately on the LCD screen.