Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor For Professionals


The BPBIO750 overcomes the limitations of existing blood pressure monitors. InBody’s unique technology with moving cuff and elbow sensor ensures correct posture for precise measurement.

Explore the BPBIO750

The automatic blood pressure monitor that ensures correct positioning for a precise measurement.

Smart Interface

You can easily measure blood pressure, by following the guide display without a medical personnel.

Large screen

Excellent visibility for systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate.

Moving cuff

The moving cuff helps correct placement of the arm.

Irregular pulse wave detection

Conveniently measure both arms with the ergonomic design

Automatic power saving

Enters sleep mode when waiting for more than 2 minutes.


The moving cuff and moving elbow sensor in BPBIO750 helps patients wear the cuff correctly even without an operator. This is InBody’s unique technology that ensures the correct posture for a precise measurement value.