Bimini Body Contouring

Bimini Body Contouring is a non-invasive, non-surgical body contouring specialist, located in Melbourne’s Albert Park. They’re about a realistic aim of improvement, rather than perfection – with the understanding that we are all a work of art. Bimini Body Contouring are the artists who will make your body a masterpiece.

At Bimini Body Contouring, they believe in bringing out the natural beauty in everyone. From improving and modifying your size and shape without having to go through surgery. With a long list of treatments and a range of different procedures, including HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) for fat reduction and skin tightening, Cryolipolysis for fat freezing and InBody 770 body scans for precisely monitoring results. The technology they use is all state-of-the-art, as they want to provide safe and reliable results to all their clients.

Bimini Body Contouring, pride themselves on only offering the best treatments with the most advanced technology, including the top model InBody 770 body composition analyser. Bimini Body Contouring’s clients can monitor their results throughout their treatment journey with regular body scans on the InBody 770. Not only will their clients be able to see the results in the mirror they will be able to see the precise changes on their detailed scan report.

We asked Monique from Bimini Body Contouring, why she chose InBody. “The InBody 770 is a premium body composition analyser.”

Bimini Body Contouring
25 Mills St, Middle Park VIC 3206
Phone: (03) 9939 3249


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