Arm Circumference & Arm Muscle Circumference

An area of the InBody scan results that many operators tend to skim over is the “Arm Circumference” & “Arm Muscle Circumference”. When used in conjunction with the other parameters of the scan, these two measurements can be a useful marker to monitor and track over time.

Hormones and Body Fat

There is some science that suggests the distribution of a person’s body fat can be correlated to a hormonal response. Although fats control your hormones as much as hormones control your fat, distribution within certain areas of the body can be suggestive of hormonal imbalances.

Previously, body fat assessments were maintained or monitored by the fat located on a tricep. It was considered that monitoring the fat on the tricep is a fairly suggestive indicator of hormonal imbalance, and worthwhile to be monitored. Due to this, if the persons measurements start to increase, although you may see other parameters on the scan increase as well such as body fat and/or visceral fat, it is still a good marker to monitor over a period of time.

If you were to consider a woman who is approaching or going through menopause, it is quite common for her to experience an increase in body fat, particularly around the tricep area. It’s worthwhile to monitor this particular area over a period of time to see that it’s not increasing disproportionately to the other parameters on the scan.

How can I measure the changes?

Skin folds are not as effective in terms of working out body fat percentage, but they have been a useful tool with moderate success in measuring the distribution of one’s body fat. For example, if one or two areas on the body have disproportionately high skin folds, in some circumstances, this can be correlated with hormonal factors. InBody technology also provides segmental fat analysis as well as segmental lean analysis.

Most people are in agreement that measuring the tricep area is good to track over a period of time. This information, along with the other parameters of the scan, tends to give some suggestions to how one’s hormone levels are correlating with each other.

InBody provides a precise method to effectively track if body fat is increasing. Of course, if other parameters on the scan are changing unfavourably, then the information provided can assist the trainer, healthcare professional and client to reassess and see what else can be done to create a better outcome.

As always, InBody recommends the guidance of a healthcare professional.