Access Allied Health

Access Allied Health offers a range of dietitian services providing expert dietary advice to their clientele. They operate out of a number of clinic locations across the Sunshine Coast (from Caloundra to Gympie) while also providing a home visiting service for clients in need. Many of their clients are seeking dietary advice to help in managing their weight and to avoid the co-morbidities and ill-health associated with weight issues.

Due to the lightweight, and mobile features of the InBody 230 & InBody 270 models, Access Allied Health have the ability to easily relocate their InBodys to any of their clinic locations and even, where necessary, to offer body composition assessment in a client’s home. Additionally, they keep their InBody 720 model permanently at the Buderim clinic where they provide body composition assessments 5 days a week.

Tim Black is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and the owner and director of Access Allied Health – “Throughout my career, I have used a number of difference bio-impedance devices as I aimed to provide feedback to patient on their health improvements while confirming the effectiveness of my dietary advice.

In my research and experience over the past 20 years, I consider InBody to be the best bio-impedance device on the market and I wouldn’t offer anything less to my clients. InBody has consistently given reliable and comparable results and have been and validated against DEXA .”

Why InBody?
“InBody scales provide a cost-effective and efficient way to measure and monitor changes in body fat, fat-free mass, body water and health markers like visceral fat. Additionally, they provide my client with extra motivation to make lasting dietary change and feedback on the effects of these dietary changes.”

Access Allied Health
Location: 1 / 79 Wises Road, Buderim QLD 4556

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