5 Ways To Use InBody As A Lead Gen Tool

1. How Do You Prove Your Training Methods Work?

By precisely tracking body composition and showing your clients what great results they’re getting from your training methods, with a combination of sharing these to social media the word will get out how successful your methods are.

2. Collect More Leads At Your Open Days

Offering complimentary scans at your open day is a great lead gen tool. Even if they don’t sign up as a member on the day, if you collect their email address you can now send them follow up emails, sharing ways to reach their goals, tips on gaining muscle mass and tips on fat loss, educate them the number on the scale is just a number and it’s all about what you’re made up of.

3. Attend Community Events With Your InBody

Attending an event with an InBody device starts a conversation and creates interaction, opening the door for ongoing sales and of course attracting new members to your gym.

4. Reward Members With Scans For Their Friends

Let your members be your very own walking billboards. By giving members who are achieving their goals a complimentary scan for a friend, increases the foot traffic into your gym and in turn gives you more potential leads to convert.

5. Convert Walk-ins To Members

When someone walks through your doors chasing a body scan, you’ve now got the opportunity to sign them up as a member or get them started on your next challenge.

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