5 Strategies To Acquire & Retain New Clients In Your Clinic

Why is body composition analysis an effective tool for Nutritionists and Dieticians?

When you stand on a set of bathroom scales and measure your weight, you’re not getting a true picture of what’s going on inside you and what you’re made up of. Your total weight is affected by many variables so it cannot be relied on to track the progress of a nutritional program. A comprehensive scan of a client’s body composition is a great method to track positive changes and measure the effectiveness of a diet strategy. Measuring increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat mass are key indicators of healthy changes to body composition that don’t necessarily show up on a basic set of scales. Monitoring these metrics over time can pinpoint the changes needed in their programs but most importantly increases client retention after seeing they are in the right direction to achieving their goals.

Stuck with ways of generating new clients?

Are you interested in generating more leads and bringing more traffic to your clinic? You’re not alone! InBody owners around the world are using their device as a tool to attract new clients.

1. Offer a complimentary nutritional consult with their first body scan purchase.

During your in depth explanation of their body composition results you will gain trust from your potential client, giving them a hint of your services and demonstrating to them your extensive knowledge in this field – increasing the likelihood of booking a full consult with you. Chances are you’ll turn a potential client into a new client!

2. Use Client Success Stories to generate new leads.

Using existing client’s success shows your potential clients that your services and products truly work, from continuous body composition monitoring you have the data to prove it. Create a customer spotlight when a significant goal is reached, this may include their background and a testimonial and most importantly the exact body composition metrics measured. With the permission of your client, this can be used in email newsletters and created into a social media post that they are able to share directly to their friends and followers, expanding your reach even further.

3. Complimentary business listing on the InBody locations directory.

On average 1,500 people a week visit the locations page on the InBody website, the most common question we get asked is “Where can I get my body scan?”. With InBody scans in high demand in today’s ever growing health and fitness community your business will be exposed to everyone in your area looking to monitor their body composition.

Improve Client Retention

A lot of businesses concentrate on generating new leads and acquiring new clients, not realising it is far cheaper to retain the existing clients you have already built a relationship with. Having a method to keep current clients engaged and motivated is key! If someone determines success by weight, it’s hard to see improvements and sometimes they are left disappointed. The InBody test goes beyond the standard scales and shows metrics such as the amount of muscle gained and fat lost, even going as in depth as measuring visceral fat levels. By using an InBody, it’s a fast and effective way to keep your clients motivated, engaged and coming back.

1. Use the Body Composition History to track progress.

With ongoing monitoring you can show your current clients what improvements they have made while on your program. By using the history graphs in the InBody App you can show exactly how much body fat they have lost over a period of time, pinpointing the success of your program. You can also identify when they may have slipped off track – the data does not lie. This will help you retain more clients.

2. Justify up-selling recommended products.

By reviewing a client’s body composition results, you can guide them to the right product. For example, if a client has low muscle mass, you may sell a specific product to help them reach their goals quicker. If you align a product to each key metric on the InBody test you can potentially increase your average purchase value for each person, increasing your overall revenue.

Whether you want to generate new leads, retain your current clients or do both, the InBody is a great tool to use to complement your services, inspiring your current clients to stay with you, and build your reputation.

Contact an InBody team member today to learn how you can switch gears and start increasing your bottom line.

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