3 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Gym’s Fitness Challenges

#1 Be More Efficient

Traditional methods of checking body composition are time consuming, often have a lot of personal contact and open to human error. If you signed up 100 people for your challenge, just think how long it would take to measure each one with a tape measure or callipers. In today’s current climate a lot of people are opting for a non-contact method of measuring body composition. The InBody provides you with a very detailed report with over 40 parameters in less than 1 minute. Being more time efficient means you’ll be able to scale up your challenges!

#2 Take The Guesswork Out

It’s not just about who lost the most weight, there are a combination of parameters that can be looked at to determine a winner of a challenge. Collate this data together so you can easily analyse your top challengers and choose a winner. The results don’t lie, InBody’s precise results will prove exactly who can take away the prize.

#3 The 3 Scan Challenge Method

You want everyone to get great results during your challenge, the more successful, happy clients you have the better. By introducing another scan midway through the challenge you can see how everyone is tracking, do they need some tweaks in their meal plans or maybe this will show they’ve missed a few training sessions. Keeping everyone on track and motivated to nail the challenge is key to sharing successes and in turn signing up even more new members on your next challenge to develop your business further.

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