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InBody areas of application

InBody’s premier line of Body Composition Analysers are backed by science and trusted globally by professionals in many different sectors.

Health & Fitness

An effective tool to Acquire & Retain members within fitness facilities


Early detection of health risks allows appropriate preventive measures & targeted treatment plans.

What InBody is right for you?

InBody 270

Portable Analysis

InBody 270 is a lightweight, foldable analyser designed for mobile businesses.

InBody 570

Advanced Analysis

InBody 570 – the bench mark in fitness. Measuring fat, muscle, and total body water.

InBody 970

New Innovation Standard

The InBody 970 is a high-end system that sets a new standard for body composition analysis.

InBody S10

Body Water Analysis The InBody S10 is a comprehensive mobile device specialising in body water analysis and nutritional assessment of patients.

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What sets InBody Apart?

InBody body composition analysers are state-of-the-art, precise BIA devices based, on the four core technologies:

Visit the technology page to learn more about the advanced technology and how the results are achieved.

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The premier line of Body Composition Analysers. Backed by science, and trusted by professionals around the world. 

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