We at the Sharks have been using the InBody 570 weekly with our NRL players this season. It allows us to quickly and accurately assess body fat and lean muscle mass levels across our entire squad in next to no time. In my opinion, this has dramatically improved our group approach to nutrition and kept it constantly front of mind. It has therefore become an essential tool within our training system in preparation for the 2016 NRL season.

Cronulla Sutherland Sharks

The team at InBody have been invaluable partners for us at F45 Training Helensvale.
The InBody Scans are a fantastic tool and a great way for our members to track their progress and understand the ways in which their bodies are changing and evolving through their training. Understanding that weight loss and fitness means more than just what the number on the scale says is a powerful and motivating tool and helps us motivate and track our members through our 8 Week Challenges.

We wholeheartedly recommend InBody and love working with them!


F45 Training Helensvale

I’ve been dealing with InBody since 2014 when I purchased my scanner to run my Body Composition Analysis business, and have nothing but praise for this company, their products and their support – I’m from Melbourne, but the distance is no barrier when support is needed – I’ve even been visited by the director after hours at my studio just because he was in town for an expo that week. Great guys and girls and a product that is second to none. I can’t speak highly enough of InBody Australia – thanks for a brilliant experience and I look forward to many years and many scanners to come!

Fitness Key Body Composition Analysis

To all at InBody Body Composition Analysers I just wanted to let you guys know how extremely happy we are with the InBody 570 body composition analyser. We initially had Justin attend our Mermaid Beach studio in April of 2014 conducting before and after scans for a 6 week challenge. Participants practiced 4 classes a week over 6 weeks. Each class was for 90 minutes.To say we were impressed would be an understatement !At the end of the 6 weeks we were able to ascertain any improvements made in relation to % of body fat, muscle mass and all of the other important information that we obtained from the machine.We were astounded at the precision and detail of the analysis given and the easy to interpret results sheets and accompanying booklet. We were very impressed with how we could use the InBody 570 as a tool to educate our clients on exactly what they need to do in order to get the best out of their yoga practice. We could advise our clients on which nutritional changes might need to be made. Nutrition is not a one size fits all and the InBody machine provides the correct information for each individual.Yoga is both a physical and mental discipline and we can now get proof and peace of mind to scientifically prove that our yoga series gives our clients everything that they need to maintain healthy weight and fitness levels.We purchased our own machine in July of 2014 and have conducted over 500 scans since then. We can give our clients heaps of information that is based on fact and not guesswork. The InBody machine scans each person as they are. Each client is individual so different from the next and we can confidently advise each one exactly what they need to do.By giving our clients the correct information we have seen many positive outcomes and a lot of satisfied customers that feel confident knowing that their chosen fitness modality is working for them.Justin & Greg, I cannot thank you enough for your time and advise whilst ” getting to know the product”. You have patient and approachable at all times, even on weekends, and the service that you provide is second to none.If anyone would like to contact me to discuss our experience with InBody please feel free to give them our contact details. InBody 570 has shown us all ” WHAT LIES BENEATH” and we now have the technology at our fingertips to prove it without a shadow of doubt. Thank you for everything, you guys are awesome.Sean Belcher & Jodie Dwonczyk. Bikram Yoga Gold Coast

Bikram Yoga Gold Coast

InBody has been a tremendous success for all my businesses and I highly recommend them. Great product great team.

Todd Howard

F45 Morningside / Bulimba / Cooparoo / Cleveland

We at Beyond Measure purchased the InBody 770 and couldn’t be happier with the device. We researched all the devices on the market from all technology platforms and for many many reasons we chose the 770 and we were not disappointed. It gives over 40 stats with precision and efficiency. Furthermore Justin at InBody head office was amazing to deal with and was beyond helpful with the sale and technical knowledge. More importantly though…his care and attention with after sales support is invaluable. The machine speaks for itself…but InBody Australia are simply professional and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks InBody

Beyond Measure

The InBody machine is extremely accurate and staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgable. They have been great with our 8 week challenges completing scans efficiently whilst giving our members an exceptional experience.


F45 Training Carrara / Nerang

For many years I have been searching for a body composition analyser for my personal use and also for my personal training client base at the Chic Shed. In the past I would make the visit into the city to have an X-Ray Scan done and would also recommend my client base do the same. Upon looking into the InBody technology I am 100% happy with the InBody570 and also 100% happy with the personal customer service at InBody. Justin Heemskerk, Operations Manager personally met me in Melbourne and installed and coached me through the InBody 570. I highly recommend InBody570 and also highly recommend Justin Heemskerk. For those interested in having their InBody570 Body Scan done in the Melbourne area, come and chic us out at the Chic Shed!

Chic Shed

Our staff team here at Tweed Fitness Factory have loved using our InBody 520 machine! Our clients have also loved the machine and enjoy seeing their continual improvements and results on paper. It’s extremely easy to compare previous results which is helpful when promoting our 12 week challenge transformations! I would definitely recommend the InBody machine to other gyms and health professionals who are serious about helping their clients get the best results possible! To top it off, the InBody team are always friendly and willing to help us with any questions we have. Thanks InBody team for your continual support.

South Tweed Fitness

As a mobile body composition analysis business, I visit numerous different gyms, sporting clubs and corporate businesses regularly. I know I can be confident that the InBody 570 is an extremely accurate and professional body composition analyser, which is important when running credible and reliable business.InBody Australia have been helpful, extremely knowledgable and have gone out of their way to assist me with my InBody 570. Justin flew to Melbourne to help me set up my equipment and their ongoing support has been second to none.While clients are regularly blown away by how consistently accurate the InBody 570 is and how much information it provides, I am confident I have ongoing support from the InBody Australia team long after I have purchased the equipment. 10/10 for service, quality and knowledge.”

Melbourne Body Composition Analysis

As a club owner and health conscious woman myself, I have found the InBody 570 an essential tool for our Club – providing precise readings for long-term healthy change and education. The InBody 570 gives our staff, the ability to guide woman towards realistic and maintainable weight-loss or weight gain, tailored to their individual life-styles and bodies. It allows Women in Club, including myself, the opportunity to create a healthy relationship and understanding of Total Body Weight, rather than stressing about one pointless number. It’s extremely easy to use and Justin at InBody Gold Coast, is exceptionally supportive with any questions and orders of stock.

Samsara Women’s Health Club

I have been using the InBody Body Composition Analyser in my Personal Training Business for 2 years. It has helped me gain new clients, give existing clients an exact training plan and has been a valuable tool in running Body Composition 12 week Challenges. It is a great help in showing my clients without any emotion attached what is required to gain their goals, they also like to compare previous scan results as motivation to push for better results. I have been using the InBody Body Composition Analyser in my Personal Training Business for 2 years. It has helped me gain new clients, give existing clients an exact training plan and has been a valuable tool in running Body Composition 12 week Challenges.

Stephen Pocock

Personal Trainer

I love the joy it brings when people find out how much they have improved! I love the fact that they can see their strengths as well as their weaknesses! I love the fact that they have proof that their diet and exercise regime is working! I love that it’s accurate!


The InBody Scanner is a must have for any gym or health practitioner who wants a fast, accurate and non-invasive way of determining exactly what their clients body composition is at any given time. Highly recommend the product, and the team at InBody Australia offer great education, ongoing customer service and display exceptional knowledge and expertise on their machines and body composition in general.

Strength City

Great service!

The technology behind it is next to none! Love what this equipment gives you and will continue using it for years to come!

Bear It Fitness

Great company, best body analysis machines I’ve seen.

Love the branding and the reports.

Very professional brand and products.

Jetts Albany Creek

We purchased an InBody 570 Body Composition Analyser to complement our Defiance Health & Fitness business. Not only has it proven to be a great investment for the data it supplies to us and our clients, but the service and training we received from Justin was top notch as well.

Defiance Health & Fitness

Jetts Varsity lakes Fantastic machine and company. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to measure and take clients results to the next level.

Jetts Varsity lakes

I am the owner of an InBody Body Composition Analyser, and have been working closely with InBody BCA for several months now. Their customer service is fantastic, their knowledge of the InBody and body composition is above and beyond and their professionalism and attention to detail are of the highest level. Greg and Justin are always happy to answer my questions and share their wealth of knowledge. Their help, encouragement and continued support is what has shaped Body Evidence into the business it is today. Thank you InBody BCA!!!

Body Evidence

The very best in BIA Body Composition Analysers! No one compares to InBody technology for precision and detail.

SA Body Analysis