BSM370 Stadiometer

BSM370 Stadiometer

The BSM370 Stadiometer is a precise height measuring device. Featuring, an ergonomically designed touch bar and precise measurement sensor to automatically measure the user’s height while standing on the scale.

A convenient, automatic, portable measuring device.

Once the Stadiometer is powered on with a single touch, the user simply steps onto the scale’s platform, the automatic height rod quickly lowers to the top of the user’s head and rebounds within a fraction of a second. The user’s height, weight and BMI will be displayed immediately on the LCD screen, this data then automatically transfers to the InBody 770InBody 570InBody 370s or InBody 270 device.

This device is ideal for situations requiring continued use and portability such as clinics, doctors offices and health clubs.

The BSM370 Stadiometre is a included in all ‘Silver’ device packages, it is highly recommended to provide precise height measurement for your examinee’s.


Automatic portable stadiometer

  • Measures height, weight, and BMI

  • Connect via RS32 cable to all InBody devices to allow precise height measurement via automatic data transfer

  • A lightweight 14kg allows for easy portability

  • Features two smooth-gliding wheels for effortless mobility, both indoors and out

  • Easily moved in it’s ready-to-use position or folded into a convenient space saving unit that will fit in tight spaces

  • Self leveling legs and a bubble level indicator allowing use in different surfaces

  • This BSM370 Stadiometer can be integrated with other InBody devices providing the complete InBody package

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