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Body FatBody Fat

How many kilograms of fat you have on your body.

Muscle MassMuscle Mass

The amount in kilograms of Skeletal Muscle Mass you have.

Visceral FatVisceral Fat

The potentially dangerous fat surrounding your internal organs in the abdomen.

Segmental Lean AnalysisSegmental Lean Analysis

Measure how much muscle mass is in each limb. You can review any body imbalances.

Bone Mineral ContentBone Mineral Content

An indirect link to osteoporosis. High mineral content generally indicates a higher bone density and strength.

Whole Body Phase AngleWhole Body Phase Angle

An indicator of your cell membrane integrity. Used medically in research to assess cell health.

What can InBody do for you?

Machine PurchaseMachine Purchase

Imagine owning the latest InBody body composition technology to enhance the professionalism of your business. Plus, providing an additional income stream.

Mobile body scanLet us come to you

Simply book an InBody consultant to come to your business. We can perform a body scan on your members/clients/workforce at a time and location that suits you!

Find a body scanFind a location

There are Certified InBody machine operators located all over Australia and New Zealand. Find your closest InBody body scan on our interactive map.